A boutique lingerie brand focused on ethereal and luxurious details, Adorn Les Dessous was designed based off the simple principles of using unexpected details to create intimates that not only please the eye but provide effortless comfort and fit. Believer's that lingerie shouldn't stay hidden, our goal is to create pieces that won't mind sharing a glimpse and always remind us to adorn ourselves, starting from the first layer.

T H E   C L A S S I C   C O L L E C T I O N

With our basic philosophies of effortless comfort and luxury in mind, our ivory and black capsule collection was created consisting of six interchangeable pieces. Using 100% silk georgette, delicate scalloped floral lace, seamless microfiber and sparkling crystal accents, a collection of both editorial and classic silhouettes was born. From luxurious silk georgette ruching on the straps, to the extravagant crystal brooch placed on the strapless bra, each piece balances between the boundaries of public and private.


C O U T U R E  by ADORN les dessous

Inspired by our theme of playing with the boundaries of public and private, the finest French laces, beading and embroidered details come together to create Adorn Les Dessous' line of couture lingerie. Made to order and sewn by hand in our atelier, each lace creation is a unique statement meant to be seen. From interchangeable pieces to removable details, luxury and function find themselves hand in hand in the most beautiful of ways.